Where Is Otero Mesa?

New Mexico’s Otero Mesa is a big place, but often times many people have no idea where it is or how to get there. Below you will find some useful maps as well as driving directions to some of the key points of interest within this landscape.

Be ADVISED that all travel on Otero Mesa is via dirt roads and that having good tires, as well as a good spare, should be a prerequisite before considering driving to Otero Mesa. While the majority of Otero Mesa is public land, there is state and private land scattered throughout the region. Please respect private property and if you need to open a gate, make sure you close it. It is also a good idea to obtain accurate maps from the Bureau of Land Management that will provide you with land ownership and a more detailed view of routes in the region.

For further information about how to get to Otero Mesa, please contact us.

Otero Mesa is located just southest of Alamogordo, NM.

Otero Mesa is located just southest of Alamogordo, NM.
Potential Wilderness in Otero Mesa.

Potential Wilderness in Otero Mesa.
Directions to Alamo Mountain from Albuquerque– From Albuquerque take I-25 SOUTH to Las Cruces.

– Drive through Las Cruces and continue south on I-25, which at this point turns into I-10.

– From the Texas state line, drive approximately 7 miles to EXIT 6 or State Highway Loop 375 (Texas). The exit is also called the Purple Heart Memorial Freeway. EXIT HERE and head east through the Franklin Mountains.

– Drive approximately 25 miles on Loop 375 until it connects with Highway 62/180 (Montana Ave.)

– Turn LEFT onto 62/180 and drive approximately 20 miles EAST. NOTE: This will be your last opportunity to fill up on gasoline.

– You will drive through the Hueco Tanks.

– Immediately after you exit the Hueco Tanks, look to your left for the Hueco Ranch Road. Approximately 150 yards EAST of the Hueco Ranch Road is a Border Patrol Check Point. Turn LEFT onto Hueco Ranch Road.

– Drive on Hueco Ranch Road for about 30 miles. You’ll pass some housing developments while you’re still in Texas. You’ll also pass the Hueco Ranch.

– At some point, you’ll drive over a cattle guard with a fence stretching off into the distance. This is the state line.

– Continue on this dirt road. You’ll pass several ranches and eventually a radio tower and then you’ll come upon a Cattle Company sign which reads “Cooper Cattle Company.” The letters of this sign are written with horseshoes. At this point, you will have driven approximately 30 miles from Highway 62/180.

– Turn RIGHT at this intersection and head towards another ranch house. As you get to the ranch house, follow the road left. You are now driving directly towards Alamo Mountain.

– You’ll come to another cattle guard. Turn right and follow the road as it parallels Alamo Mountain. You’ll see a sign that says Alamo Mountain Parking Area in 3/4 mile. Follow this road to the parking lot and we’ll meet you there.


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