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With it’s extensive grasslands and other habitats, Otero Mesa has a wide variety of members of the Order Orthoptera (grasshoppers, katydids, crickets, mantids, walkingsticks, and cockroaches). The following list is a compilation of two currently available books which list grasshoppers, katydids, and crickets by Capinera, Scott, and Walker (2004) and grasshoppers by Richman, Lightfoot, Sutherland, and Ferguson (1993) likely to be found on Otero Mesa. The former book has range maps while the latter shows specific collection localities. Because of the lack of field work on this group on Otero Mesa, there are few specimen records from the area and those few are noted in the Richman work.

Taxonomy follows Capinera, Scott and Walker (2004).

FAMILY ACRIDIDAE: True Grasshoppers and Locusts Capinera Richman

Subfamily Gomphocerinae: Stridulating Slantfaced Greasshoppers

1. Green Fool Grasshopper (Acrolophitus hirtipes) X

2. Club-horned Grasshopper (Aerolophitus clavatus) X

3. White-whiskered Grasshopper (Aerolophitus decorum) X

4. Brown Winter Grasshopper (Amblytropidia mysteca) X

5. Striped Slant-faced Grasshopper (Amphitornus coloradus) X

6. Big-headed Grasshopper (Aulocara elliotti) X

7. White-crossed Grasshopper (Aulocara femoratum) X

8. Ebony Grasshopper (Boopedon nubilum) X

9. Creosote Bush Grasshopper (Bootettix argentatus) X X

10. Thomas’s Broad-winged Grasshopper (Chloealtis abdominalis) X

11. Crenulated Grasshopper (Cordillacris crennulata) X

12. Western Spotted-wing Grasshopper (Cordillacris occipitalis) X X

13. Velvet-striped Grasshopper (Eritettix simplex) X

14. Rufous Grasshopper (Heliaula rufa) X

15. Two-striped Mermiria Grasshopper (Mermiria bivittata) X

16. Lively Merimiria Grasshopper (Mermiria picta) X

17. Obscure Grasshopper (Opeia obscura) X

18. Spotted-wing Grasshopper (Orphulella pelidna) X

19. Wyoming Toothpick Grasshopper (Paropomala wyomingensis) X

20. Mantled Toothpick Grasshopper (Paropomala pallida) X

21. New Mexico Toothpick Grasshopper (Paropomala virgata) X

22. Four-spotted Grasshopper (Philbostroma quadrimaculatum) X

23.Brown-spotted Range Grasshopper (Psoloessa delicatula) X

24. Texas Spotted Range Grasshopper (Psoloessa texana) X

25. Handsome Grasshopper (Syrbula admirabilis) X

26. Montezuma’s Grasshopper (Syrbula montezuma) X

Subfamily Oedipodinae: Band-winged Grasshoppers

27. Speckle-winged Rangeland Grasshopper (Arphia conspersa) X

28. Northwestern Red-winged Grasshopper (Arphia pseudonietana) X

29. Northern Three-striped Grasshopper (Cortophaga viridifasciata) X

30. Texas Cristate Grasshopper (Conozoa texana) X

31. Hayden’s Grasshopper (Derotmema haydeni) X

32. Carolina Grasshopper (Dissosteira carolina) X

33. High Plains Grasshopper (Dissosteira longipennis) X

34. Dusky Grasshopper (Encoptolophus costalis) X

35. Southwestern Dusky Grasshopper (Encoptolophus subgracilis) X

36. Magnificent Grasshopper (Hadrotettix magnificus) X

37. Three-banded Range Grasshopper (Hadrotettix trifasciatus) X

38. Arroyo Grasshopper (Heliastus benjamini) X

39. Wrinkled Grasshopper (Hippiscus ocelote) X

40. Apache Grasshopper (Hippopedon capito) X

41. Saussure’s Blue-winged Grasshopper (Leprus intermedius) X

42. Wheeler’s Blue-winged Grasshopper (Leprus wheeleri) X

43. Platt Range Grasshopper (Mestobregma plattei) X

44. Dirt-colored Grasshopper (Mestobregma terricolor) X

45. Say’s Grasshopper (Spharagemon equale) X

46. Campestral Grasshopper (Spharagemon campestris) X

47. Finned Grasshopper (Trachyrhachys aspera) X

48. Kiowa Rangeland Grasshopper (Trachyrhachys kiowa) X

49. California Band-winged Grasshopper (Trimerotropis californica) X

50. Blue-winged Grasshopper (Trimerotropis cyaneipennis) X

51. Broad-banded Grasshopper (Trimerotropis latisfasciata) X

52. Black-winged Grasshopper (Trimerotropis melanoptera) X

53. Pallid-winged Grasshopper (Trimerotropis pallidipennis) X

54. Great Crested Grasshopper (Trimerotropis formosus) X

Subfamily Cyrtacanthacridinae: Spur-throated Grasshopper

55. Red-shanked Grasshopper (Xanthippus corallipes) X

56. Russian-thistle Grasshopper (Aeoloplides turnbulli) X

57. Narrow-winged Bush Grasshopper (Aeoloplidus tenuipennis) X

58. Fuzzy Olive-green Grasshopper (Campylacantha olivacea) X

59. Pictured Grasshopper (Dacylotum bicolor) X

60. Meadow Purple-striped Grasshopper (Hesperotettix viridis) X

61. Cattail Toothpick Grasshopper (Leptysma marginicollis) X

62. Arizona Spur-throated Grasshopper (Melanoplus arizonae) X

63. Two-striped Grasshopper (Melanoplus bivittatus) X

64. Sagebrush Grasshopper (Melanoplus bowditchi) X

65. Yellowish Spur-throated Grasshopper (Melanoplus flavidus) X

66. Differential Grasshopper (Melanoplus differentialis) X

67. Red-legged Grasshopper (Melanoplus femurrubrum) X

68. Gladston’s Spur-throated Grasshopper (Melanoplus gladstoni) X

69. Arrow-weed Spur-throated Grasshopper (Melanoplus herbaceous) X

70. Lakin’s Grasshopper (Melanoplus lakinus) X

71. Flabellate Grasshopper (Melanoplus occidentalis) X

72. Packard’s Grasshopper (Melanoplus packardii) X

73. Ponderous Spur-throated Grasshopper (Melanoplus ponderous) X

74. Regal Spur-throated Grasshopper (Melanoplus regalis) X

75. Migratory Grasshopper (Melanoplus sanguinipes) X

76. Large-headed Grasshopper (Phoetaliotes nebrascensis) X

77. Spotted Bird Grasshopper (Schistocerca lineata) X

78. Gray Bird Grasshopper (Schistocerca nitens) X

79. Obscure Bird Grasshopper (Schistocerca obscura) X

Subfamily Romaleine: Lubber Grasshoppers

80. Plains Lubber Grasshopper (Brachystola magna) X

81. Robust Toad Lubber Grasshopper (Phrynotettix robustus) X

82. Horse Lubber Grasshopper (Taeniopoda eques) X


FAMILY EUMASTACIDAE: Monkey Grasshoppers

this family is not covered by Capinera, Scott and Walker (2004) but this family occurs on the mesa.


FAMILY PNEUMOROIDAE: Desert Long-horned Grasshoppers

this family is not covered by Capinera, Scott and Walker (2004) but this family occurs on the mesa.


FAMILY TETRIGIDAE: Pygmy Grasshoppers

1. Mexican Pygmy Grasshopper (Paratettix mexicanus) X

2. Black-sided Pygmy Grasshopper (Tettigidea lateralis) X



1. Smaller Sand Cricket (Ellipes minutus) X

2. Larger Sand Cricket (Neotridactylus apicialis) X



Subfamily Phaneropterinae: False Katydids

1. Greater Angle-Wing (Microcentrum rhombifolium) X

2. Texas False Katydid (Amblycorpha huasteca) X

3. Fork-tailed Bush Katydid (Scudderia cuneata) X

4. Elegant Bush Katydid (Insara elegans) X

5. Common Short-winged Katydid (Dicopetala brevihastata) X

Subfamily Copiphorinae: Coneheaded Katydids

1. Broad-tipped Conehead (Neconocephalus triops) X

2. Robust Conehead (Neconocephalus robustus) X

3. Slender Meadow Katydid (Conocephalus fasciatus) X

4. Straight-laced Meadow Katydid (Conocephalus strictus) X

Subfamily Tettigoniinae: Predaceous Katydids

1. Greater Air Land Katydid (Neobarrettia spinosa) X



Subfamily Gryllinae: Field Crickets

1. Fall Field Cricket (Gryllus pennsylvanicus) X

Subfamily Oecanthinae: Tree Crickets

1. Snowy Tree Cricket (Oecanthus fultoni) X

2. Western Tree Cricket (Oecanthus californicus) X

3. Four-spotted Tree Cricket (Oecanthus quadripunctatus) X

4. Prairie Tree Cricket (Oecanthus argentinus) X

Subfamily Myrmecophilinae: Ant Crickets

1. Nebraska Ant Cricket (Myrmeocephilus nebrascensis) X



1. Dark Jerusalem Cricket (Stenopelmatus fuscus) X




Capinera, J. L., R. D. Scott, and T. J. Walker. 2004. Field Guide to Grasshoppers, Katydids,

and Crickets of the United States. Cornell Publishing Associates. Ithaca and London.

Richman, D. B., D. C. Lightfoot, C. A. Sutherland, and D. J. Ferguson. 1993. A Manual of

the Grasshoppers of New Mexico Orthoptera: Acrididae and Romaleidae.

Cooperative Extension Service. New Mexico State University. Las Cruces, NM



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